The 100% roaming service

Explod mission is to offer the most competitive roaming rates, this is why we have created our 100% roaming service.

Phone calls

In order to offer the best rates for each destination, we automatically select for you in a transparent way among two calling methods: callback and direct call. In both cases, the destination party number is dialed normally. The only difference comes from the callback. After dialing the number, the call is automatically interrupted and after a few seconds, you receive the call which will connect you directly to the number dialed.


You receive an SMS when a message is left on your voicemail. All you have to do is dial 605 from your mobile. You will be billed for this call depending on the country you are in.


Data roaming is available in more than 140 countries with prices starting from 0.05 € per megabyte which are billed in increments of 100kb deducted from your account without any monthly subscription.

Tip: Remember to deactivate the data roaming function when you are not using it in order to avoid charges.


Send SMS is available from 0.05 € per message of 150 characters maximum. Beyond 150 characters, two or more messages will be invoiced. It should be noted that SMS delivery cannot be guaranteed because its transmission depends on foreign third-party operators over which we have no control.

Information: Receiving an SMS is always free.


Each call is billed per indivisible minute.

Explod does use a real-time billing system. The account balance is updated in real time. You can view details of your usage (calls, SMS, data) on your online account within 48 hours.You can top up your sim card at any time by credit card and Paypal.

Explod SIM card has a UK mobile number whose country code is 44.