1 Start up

Your SIM card is activated when you receive it by mail.

The Explod SIM card is triple cut and is compatible with all phones.

You should make sure which format is required for your phone: mini, micro or nano before proceeding with the manual slicing.

You have to install the sim card in an unlocked mobile which is turned off.

Switch on your handset and check it is set on automatic search for mobile networks and not on manual search, otherwise the service will not be able to work.

Your phone will automatically connect to the best available network in the respective country.

It may take a while for the sim card to locate the network and register, so please be patient. If the SIM card does not register, turn off your mobile and turn it on again.

If the SIM card does not register, turn off your mobile and turn it on again.

Once the network has been located, the mobile operator name should usually show up at the top of the screen.

Important note: It is recommended to switch off your mobile from one country to another and not to configure it in airplane mode.

2 Your account

To log in your customer account, you must use the email address and password used during your account registration.

Information and functions available are:

  • Account information
  • View your phone number
  • View your remaining balance
  • Top up your account
  • Call history
  • Transaction history
  • Download Invoice
  • 3 How to make your outgoing roaming calls

    To make a call, you must dial all your numbers in international format:

    00 + country code + phone number (without the first zero of the number if it has one) For example, to call a mobile number in France, you need to dial as follows: 00 33 670707070.

    Calls are billed per minute from the first connection.

    4 Call forwarding

    Call forwarding can be set up from an Explod mobile number to any landline or mobile numbers.

     The rate charged is for a call to the phone number to which the calls are transferred.

     From the handset:

    1. Active call forwarding:
        Dial *102number#
    2. Deactive call forwarding:
        Dial *103#

    Note: Please make sure to enter the number in the following format, for example a French number should be dialled as follows 00 33 XXXXXXXXX.Do not put spaces or other signs. 

    5 Top up your account

    1. Please log in your account using your username and password.

    2. Go to " Your SIM accounts "

    3. Click on “Top up your account” .

    4. Select the top up amount between 10€ and 100€, you will then be directed to the payment page in order to pay for your purchase.

    As soon as the transaction is authorized, your account will be automatically recharged with the corresponding amount.

    5. A payment confirmation is sent to the registered email address. Invoice is available in your account.

    6 Voicemail

    Access to voicemail is enabled by default  on your sim card:

    Dial 121 from your mobile. Voicemail access will be charged at a rate according to the origination country.

    To play your messages, press 1

    To configure voicemail, press 2:  to record your welcome greetings press 1, to review your record greetings press 2, to dlete your record greetings press 3

    7 Get Balance 

    Dial 187 with your mobile, your remaining balance will appear.

    8 Activation of Internet roaming access (Mobile Data)

    To start using data,  this is very simple, please follow  the following steps:

    1.It is required to use a mobile compatible with the use of data services.

    2.Make sure to check data rates for the country you are in.

    3.Please go to your mobile parameters to set up data settings.


    Please go to “Settings” then “Mobile networks”, “Access point names” and “Add”.

    Complete the information below as indicated:

  • Name:  mobiledata
  • APN:  mobiledata
  • Port: (Leave field empty)
  • Username: (Leave field blank)
  • Password: (Leave the field empty)
  • Authentication type: (Leave the field empty)
  • Save and go to “Settings” then “Mobile Network” and activate “Data” if this is not done yet. We recommend you to turn off the Data service when you are not using it. 

    When the APN Settings have been saved, you just need to turn on the Mobile Data service when you need it.


    Please go to:


    Mobile data

    Mobile data network

    APN: mobiledata

    9 Sending and receiving SMS

    1.Send SMS is the same than with other mobile operators. Just dial the number indicating the country code and the number then send. Receive SMS is free.

    2.The number of characters per SMS is limited to 150. If you exceed this amount, you will be charged for multiple SMS.

    10 Billing

    You can view details of your calls, SMS and data sessions in your customer account.

    1. Log in to your account with your username and password.

    2. Click on "My SIM accounts"

    3. Click on  “View & Edit”, you have direct access to  “Call history” .

    Note:  Billing is done in Euros.

    11 Customer support

    We offer an online customer support service in order to process quickly your requests:

    1.Just log in your account and go to “Customer Support” and follow the instructions.

    2.Please provide as much information as possible including the phone number, brand and model of your smartphone, we will answer within 24 hours maximum.

    Note: It is better to use our online customer support because the time limit  of processing of emails sent with our contact page may take longer.